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N.K. Forging & Rolling Industries offers
Friction Drop Hammers

N.K. Forging & Rolling Industry manufacturers of "NKH" Friction Drop Forging Hammers is a unit of M/s. Niranjan Singh Kartar Singh Forgings Private Limited. S. Niranjan Singh who is the Managing Director of Niranjan Singh Kartar Singh Forging Private Limited is the managing partner of N.K. Forging & Rolling Industries. Now Niranjan Singh Kartar Singh Forging Private Limited. has diverted of "NKH" hammers to N.K. Forging and Rolling Industries.
"NKH" Self contained friction drop forging hammer being manufactured in eight different capacities 500 KGS., 750 KGS., 1000 KGS., 1500 KGS., 2000 KGS., 2500 KS., 3000 KGS., & 4000 KGS capacity.
Customer's satisfaction and quality presentation has been motto for the last four decades and assure its continuity in future. Thousands of drop hammers sold in India and abroad are working to entire satisfaction. The steel tup is lifted up by a fine quality nylon belt with the help of a high quality steel fabricated lifter drum whose movement is controlled by a hand pull cord arrangement which engages and releases the driving friction drum through a steel band lined with brake lining. The accurate movement of the top is ensured with help of alloy steel forged slides (guides), accurately machined, scrapped and grinded double inverted which are fitted and bolted on broad based box type steel casted pillars (columns/standards). Regular water cooling arrangement is provided to the friction drum to prevent excessive heating.
The Anvil Block (Base) is a solid one piece semi-steel casting weighing approximately twenty times the weight of the top. To ensure that the machine stands balanced when erected on its foundation the anvil block is machine on both top and bottom faces.
"NKH" Friction Drop Forging Hammers have been designed width latest technical know-how and width best quality fresh material. Full Guarantee against defective material and workmanship is given to our customers for a period of one year. All our valued customers are welcome to conduct trial and inspect at manufacturing unit at Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana. In addition, NKH has installed its steel plant (furnace) to cast steel columns, plumber blocks and special steels to be used in the manufacturing of friction drop hammers parts.
The company is an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified unit for manufacture and supply of Drop Forging Hammers and it's Spares certified by a leading certifying company Bureau Veritas and stand committed to manufacturer quality products and customers satisfaction is motto and always believe in continues improvement and in time delivery. The company has established a modern quality testing facility that is managed by an efficient team of quality inspectors who ensure that no defective product goes out of manufacturing unit. This team monitor the entire manufacturing process, right from purchasing of Raw Material up - to final dispatch of our product Drop Forging Hammer and it's Spares. To ensure that a reliable and trouble free range of quality products be provided to valued customers.
The company offers NKH Drop Forging Hammer which manufactured by applying localized compressive force to metal either in hot or in (rarely) cold condition. In the case of hot forging, a metal bar is heated up to its recrystallization temperature and is pressed between dies. By such repeated pressing, hot metal takes the shape of the die cavity. Cold forging is also carried out in same fashion, but in the absence of raised temperatures.
The company also offers Drop Forging Hammers Anvil Block which is a solid single semi steel casting weighing approximately 20 times the nominal size of hammer of tup. Is made in is made in the dovetailed type with an inverted vee recess which is machined in the anvil block (die holder) is secured to the anvil block by putting a tapered wedge in between the anvil block and die uploader.
The company offers Drop Forging Hammer (Standard Slides) which have been designed width a large and heavy base to ensure maximum stability. These are positioned by a large spigot on the underside of each foot which fits into a machined recess in the anvil block. A tapered wedge locks the standard. This ensures that the standard will not twist and thus the tup is accurately guided. The sliding distance between the standard inwards, and width a drawback bolt outward. Between the standard and the tup is set with the help of a tapered wedge which drawback bolt outward between the standards to anvil block faces, and standard to head gear faces are placed synthetic rubber mats which dampen the induced shock vibrations in the standard and head assembly there by increasing the life of the tup and the slides and the alignment of the machine.

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