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Ravison's Corporation
Highly Productive and Worldclass Tapping Machine

Ravison's Corporation manufactures, exporters and suppliers of a distinct and specialized machines. Established in 2000, the company have been engineering high-performance machines ever since. Its specialty includes Articulated arm vertical taping machine, Articulated arm horizontal taping machine and Articulated arm universal taping machine. The company renowned for manufacturing import substitute taping machines under brand name TapEasy and pioneered the indigenous technology for these machines and endeavor to maintain this stature and further develop product offering.
Quality has taken the center stage of activities ever since inception and have a mechanized quality control department that is guided by stringent procedures. The company implements of quality control procedures across all production and transaction operations. Its testing center empowers with the capacity to carry out precision testing of entire range of pumps and have a team of quality experts who endeavor to makes products a testimonial to dedication and commitment that displays in work.
Its inception was marked by pioneering indigenous articulated arm with floating head technology and have not flinched from focus on product development. Its continual focus in R&D department has enabled to maintain objective of introducing revolutionary machines in the market. Ravisons Corporation has brought forward modifications in technology of construction as well as in aesthetic look of the machine and become India's largest Articulated arm taping machine manufacturer. The company regarded by customers due to the performance of machine and the benefits that accrue to customers over the life-time of the machines. Marked by operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, its product range is widely admired in the industry. Its company's culture of continuous development and core values like honesty & transparency has enabled to build our ‘TapEasy’ brand name. Today more than 525 units installed all over India and working satisfactorily.
The company offers Articulated Arm Pneumatic Tapping Machine which is having the unique feature of articulated arm helps in tapping a hole anywhere within the prescribed area of 1-Meter radius. This machine is having a range to tap holes up to ¾” or M 20 in steel and 1” or M 24 in aluminum. It consists of a specially designed arm carrying pneumatic reversible tapping motor which will tap through holes as well as blind holes. ‘Tap Easy’ is a versatile machine and is used for Tapping, Re-tapping, For inserting helicoils, Chamfering, Reaming and Counter sinking etc.
Along with these versatile features ‘Tap Easy’ comes with add on feature of ‘Floating head’. With the help of this mechanism centre of hole is taken Automatically by the machine which solves the gauge answering problems. ‘Tap Easy’ comes with ‘clutch incorporated tap holders’ resulting in Avoiding tap breakage and reducing recurring cost and breakdown condition. As far as tapping is concerned ‘Tap Easy’ can be used as substitute for VMC So as to reduce manufacturing cost as well as avoid bottlenecking.
The company offers Articulated Arm Electric Tapping Machine. ‘Tap Easy’ a unique tapping machine with an articulated arm. This unique feature helps in tapping a hole anywhere within the prescribed area of 1-Meter radius. This machine is having a range to tap holes from M3 to M24. ‘Tap Easy’ consists of a specially designed arm carrying electric operated variable speed reversible tapping motor with controller which will tap through holes as well as blind holes. Its features are Articulated Arm with Floating head for taking centre of hole automatically, Electric Operated 4 speed 750W and 1000W servo motor with gearbox.

The company also offers Hydraulic Tapping Machine. Its machine description:

Table top is the `T’ slotted C.I. Table for easy & faster clamping of the object. It has coolant collection and drain passage.
Articulated Arm
Articulated pantograph type arm with the linear guide way is provided to the machine to facilitate different tapped holes at perfect perpendicular level. The arm is supported by the gas spring to compensate gravitational force of the tapping head. The arm can cover very wide working area and height and perform consistent accurate tapping every corner of it. It’s unique flexibility helps operator to perform tapping operations fatigueless and without much operating skills.
Tapping Head
It consists of best quality hydraulic motor with quick change chuck. Direction control switches are mounted close to the motor.
Hydraulic Power Pack
Best quality hydraulics with independent power pack and accessibility makes this machine easily serviceable. The machine is provided with Flow control & Pressure valves for quick and easy setting of the speed for different taps sizes or materials.
Coolant System (Optional At Extra Cost)
The machine can be provided with in-built coolant system which consists of a coolant pump and piping for draining off and re-cycling of the coolant.

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