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Choosing the Right Industrial Air Compressor

Mr.  Nyzaam Shareef, Hitec Systems

SPF: Please brief the journey from the inception and share some of its milestones?

Ans: During the inception of HITEC SYSTEMS we were not much concentrated in manufacturing Control Transformers since we mainly concentrated in Automation and Dynamic Weighing and Process related solution, though we have been in the field of Designing and Manufacturing of control Transformers. Hence we started to procure from other manufacturers – for our control tra. During the QC inspection we found none of the suppliers maintained the minimum requirements of the Standards. Later with in short period of time we had to start our own manufacturing of control transformer based on our experience – more than 17 years.
During the tenure of our employment we have developed most complicated transformers that should be equivalent to German made transformers that had been supplied along with the Machines imported from German. We were the only one to develop and manufacture an equivalent one which exceeded in terms of voltage regulation and temperature raise.

SPF: Please brief us about Hitec Systems global reach and latest initiatives in Transformer sector?
: We have started exporting control transformers during 2006 to UAE and KSA.

SPF: What are the prospects for Transformer products in India? How do you plan to position these products?
A vast market is globally existing for not only Power Distribution Transformers but also for Control Transformers. The awareness has to be widely created to know about these control transformers among all customers and end users. So many of them , even till date not able to identify the differences in between Ordinary control transformer and Isolation Transformers, which is suitable for what? What is Voltage regulation and what is its impact on control panel and switch gear components? What negative results will it create in terms of power quality? The temperature raise limits and its effects- how it would reduce the life span of the transformers and further quality issues…
As such The idea is to create awareness among the end users and customers prior to procurement of control – isolation transformers.

SPF: What are the current scenarios of Transformer sector?
As said above the need of the transformers is increasing and the need to create quality awareness remains to be created well among all- manufacturers and customers.

SPF: What are the future opportunities for Transformer Sector?
Availability of quality lamination is crucial. To make a quality transformer the essential raw materials such as Core-Lamination [CRGO, CRNO/CRNGO sheets] polyester film coated copper wires and insulating materials have to be looked in for wide and hugely manufacturing. Also specialized machines for winding and mainly for core assembly.

SPF: Can you highlight some of the top line products and its applications?
Split bobbin type Control – Isolation Transformers are essentially needed for higher end PLC Automation Panels that involve communication with other PLC and Industrial PC
AC Line filters for VFD applications as input and output line chocks for Harmonic control and mitigation.
Reactor Chocks for Capacitor Bank- Passive Filters- A low Pause filter for Harmonic Mitigation and Reactive Power Compensation.

SPF: Brief us about R&D and Quality Policy of Hitec Systems?
Our policy is to provide a cost effective and user friendly Solution in Power Quality, Distribution and Control and Process Related Automated Systems along with Dynamic Weighing Solution.
A dedicated Team of Engineers headed by the Head-Operations consistently and continuously involve in Design and Development of various products and systems with the State of The Art Technology.
We are the first one to import and introduce some of the high-tech products related to Weighing and Process.

SPF: Please elucidate in brief about your company’s infrastructure and what are the measures that are being taken from the product manufacturing to distribution?
A State-of-the-Art infrastructure at a vast industrial area of about 43000 sq.ft is being undertaken and about to accomplish before the end of 2016. A massive transition from 2000+1500 sq.ft rented building to more than 10000 sq.ft built up area in a 43000 sq.ft open land of our Own.

SPF: What areas of focus in the sector does India need to evolve according to you?
So many areas …. The Small Industry segment is not much cared when compared to corporate companies. The Tiny, Micro and Small Industries suffer a lot in terms of financial support, Power Supply, Own Infrastructure etc.
The Growth of a Nation is mainly depends on the Two major areas-Agriculture and Small [Cottage and Tiny] Industries. Even Agri is a little cared though not the essential is being done with, but the small industry segment wholly not cared and being neglected while corporate are taken care with Red Carpet welcome.

SPF: Could you throw some light on the HITEC System’s Business plans in India?
We have already drafted and work had already been planned and carried out in three segments:

  • Control Transformers and related products such as Line Filters and Reactors; Power Quality Solution-combined with Harmonic Mitigation and Energy Saving
  • Automation Systems-for Process related application and Solution
  • Machineries – Process related for Food Industries and mainly in Dynamic Weighing

SPF: What is your marketing strategy for India?

  • Address Power Quality and Inventory Control ;
    Thus to have a Clean Power that results in Energy Saving and huge reduction in maintenance cost;
  • Inventory control solution by means of total control over the input and output of manufacturing processes by means of Dynamic Weighing and observation-recording and DATA saving with complete Supervisory Control and DATA Acquisition.

SPF: Beside Transformer what are the other products you are offering your customers?

  • AC Line Filters / Chocks
  • Reactors for Passive Filters
  • Soft Starting Reactors
    Automation Solution by PLC and specialized SCADA systems-for Food Industries in crucial process application
  • Weigh Feeders and Belt Scale Conveyors
  • Check Weighers
  • Batch Weighers
  • Loss in Weight Feeders
  • Vibro Feeders and Sieves
  • Gravimetric Flow Weighing Systems

Other than the above we offer:

  • Power Quality Analysis and Solution
  • Harmonics Mitigation Solution
  • Hybrid Filters – combination of Active and Passive Filters

SPF: What are the key technological trends that the industry?
To learn; To implement; To Succeed and to Grow along with the emerging new Technology we need young bloods with a fervor towards the Nation. We certainly lack in this human resource just because of a little shortfall of the Patriotism. Where, How and When to correct this mindset of attraction towards Foreign Countries – for just to have more monitory benefits. Migration of Talents is a great pity that slowly torments and spoils the overall growth.

SPF: Brief us about your new launch?

  • PLC-Automated Batch Weighing Systems with the best accuracy and Technically approved
  • PLC - AUTOMATED Check Weighers-Approved Model
  • Soft Starting Reactors for 400 HP

SPF: What is your vision for your company?
Build a Team to bring New Technology Trends from Globally to our Nation for having in-house talent to provide complete solution in major process related applications – combined with Power and Manufacturing.

Hitec Systems