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Rudraksh Engineering
Achieving Milestones One after Another

SPF: To begin with, please tell us about the recent developments of your company?
Rudraksh Engineering started its Operations since 2011 and one after another it started to achieve the Mile Stones one after another. To start with it has extended its span all across India first and then slowly extended the reach to Export Market as well.

SPF: Tell us about your product offering in India and abroad?
We have developed Mechanical Box Type Press Brake Machine for 6 MM Capacity specifically for Motor Body Builders and Bus Body Builders to help them to process & pass the 8 Feet sheet throughout the Machine. We also made a Shearing Machine to cut critical / Precious Metals like Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Titanium upto thickness range of 12 MM which is an added feather. We developed expertise for cutting and bending solutions for different metal as per the requirement.
We are offering Various Sheet Metal Forming Solutions all across India and Abroad. We offer Shearing Machines in Hydraulic as well as Mechanical versions. Also the NC & Motorised Options are available on demand. Similarly Press Brake Machine is also available in Hydraulic / Mechanical / CNC & NC versions as per the requirement of the clients. We always keep on improving innovative ideas and suggestions to improvise the end Product.

Mr. Deepak Patel (CEO), Rudraksh Engineering

SPF: Please elaborate on the technical and R&D policy of your company?
Ans: The quality input material and stringent quality check at each and every stage of production. The better knowledge about the process and material gives us an edge over others to produce better quality Machines. We feel that quality is not a word but a continous process. Hence, We have made it a habbit to do the work right at first attempt and keep the practice going every time we take a project in hand. We have developed the same habbit in our vendors and suppliers as well. As they also play an important role in our Product Quality. The system is once developed and followed vigorously / strictly for not allowing any sub-standard part / component / material in our Work premises and the System is paying rich dividend in our Quality mission.

SPF: What is your vision for your company?
We at have always kept a constant eye on Quality Machine Manufacturing and will always adhere to the same. We believe that the quality speaks louder and gives better returns than any other type of advertisement / publicity. We have always aimed to develop the Machines which can serve the purpose of the end user in dual way i.e. better quality of production and better life of the Machine as well. We are aiming to manufacture some good international quality machines either indigenously or with the help of some foreign collaboration. At our Factory Quality comes first and then comes the quantity will follow in the expansion session. We are making quality machines and not the cheapest one.

Rudraksh Engineering